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Wedding Photographer in Pittsburgh

My name is Jorge Santiago and I’m a Wedding Photographer based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I’m committed to creating timeless, authentic, epic wedding photos. Let me capture your milestone with the same emotion, love and respect as you experience it.

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Wedding Photography Approach

Wherever your wedding day takes place–an elegant ballroom, an outdoor garden, a sacred space–it is unique to who you are as a couple and to what you love and believe. It is this uniqueness I cherish: the connections, details, decisions, and relationships that make your journey your own. You’ve worked so hard to prepare for your day. As your wedding photographer in Pittsburgh, I want you to revisit it with joy, love, and fondness. On your wedding day, I capture those moments that are more than just scenes; they are who you are as a couple, a family, and a community. I also aspire for them to be, in their emotion and composition, works of art.

All Are Welcome

One of my favorite parts of photographing weddings in Pittsburgh is the incredible diversity. I love learning about different religions, beliefs, traditions, cultures, and experiences, and I believe strongly in celebrating and honoring diversity in my work. No matter where you come from, what you believe, who you love, and how you celebrate, I will honor you.

Why Jorge Santiago Photography


I consider lighting to be one of the most important elements of my photography, not only to get a proper exposure but to create images that will truly evoke the memories you and your family are creating. The way I use lighting provides my images with mood and emotion while keeping them true to life. As a photographer in Pittsburgh, I learned early on that I always had to carry my portable flashes to offer the most stunning results.


I have photographed more than 350 weddings in the best Pittsburgh wedding venues and destinations, including New York City; Houston, Texas; Columbus, Ohio; Las Vegas, Nevada; Oaxaca, Mexico; and Sydney, Australia. Through the years I have developed a workflow that allows me to produce consistent results every single time while giving me freedom for creativity.


I love what I do, and I am committed to capturing the best and most powerful photos of your wedding day. As a proud immigrant, I don’t take anything I have for granted, and believe in doing my best at each once-in-a-lifetime event I have the privilege of photographing.


I’m proud to be one the best-rated wedding photographers in Pittsburgh. Since my first event, I have always aimed to deliver not only the photos you expect but also the pictures you didn’t know you wanted.

Bilingual Photographer

I’m able to comfortably lead a wedding in English and Spanish. I’m still working on my Pittsburgh-ese.

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